Last modified: [2002-12-04]

How to view Japanese pages on this site

If you are using a version of Windows without Japanese support

The ability to display Japanese can be added to non-Japanese versions of Windows 98/Me/NT and are already available on Windows 2000 and Windows XP. For further instructions, please inquire with the vendor of your operating system.

Even if your operating system has the ability to display Japanese, you might still need to tell your browser to accept it. If you are using Internet Explorer, you can find the menus: "Tools" -> "Internet Options" -> "Languages...". You will need to add Japanese (ja) here, since our web server is configured to negotiate the language with your browser and the negotiation depends on the values added here.

Other operating systems

So far, there have been no reports about difficulties with viewing web pages from this server by users of other operating systems, such as Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris or Macintosh OS. If you encounter such difficulties, please contact the maintainer of this page.

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