WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts

The WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts was first published in the Summer of 1997, a second version with major revisions went online in February of 1998. I did continue to make improvements and add data, but failed to publish them to the Web for various reasons. Now, while intensely working on a new, much improved version, I felt that I could no longer ignore requests to fix at least some of the more obvious bugs in the last published version. For this reason, I am now putting online an interim release, which hopefully will be followed by a new major release within the next six months.

The WWW Database of Chinese Buddhist texts is available in two versions, each one for Japanese (Shift_JIS) and Chinese (Big5) encodings:

Source files

I am now making available the source files for the database. There are three version:

Additional Resources

(2009-06-21) Continuing requests have convinced me that I should update and enhance this database. While I make no promises about when this will occurr, I plan to make a thoroughly revised and enlarged version of this database available here. In the course of preparing this, I will make available related material as far as this is legally possible:

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