Directions for the Kyoto Council meeting

General Information

Electricity in Japan is 110 V, the plugs look like in the U.S. For weather conditions, see for example Yahoo Weather.


There is a direct train service from Kansai International Airport (KIX) to Kyoto Station. Take the Limited Express "Haruka" from the KIX JR Station. Trains take about 75 minutes and run roughly every 30 minutes from 6:35 to 22:17. From the station, it is easiest to take a cab to the hotel. The price for the train is Yen 2980 one way for a unreserved seat.

Alternatively, you could reserve a shuttle cab, which will take you directly to your destination, this is available at a flat rate of Yen 3000. Reservation form here.


Rooms have been reserved in two hotels:

Meeting place Wednesday (May 17)

Kyoto University Clock Tower Centennial Hall

The morning session (presentations in Japanese) starts at 10 am, lunch break will be at 12, poster session at 1 pm. Program details

How to get there

From either hotel, you can get there with bus 201. This is a bus on a loop line, you will need to get the one running east (and then north). From the Sun Hotel, the closest stop is in accross the street of the Takashimaya department store, the name of the station is Shijo Kawaramachi. For the Apa Hotel, get on the bus at Gion station. You will get off at Kyoudai Seimon-Mae, which is the seventh stop from Apa, 9th stop from Sun Hotel. I would estimate about 15 mins on the bus. If this sounds too adventurous, just get a cap to Kyoto University.


The bus stop is in the lower left area of this map, close to where it says "Student Lounge". You should then proceed through the main gate to the Centennial Hall.

Alternatively, if you do not want to go by bus, there is also the possibility to use a train on the Keihan Line. From the SunHotel, you have to cross the river to get to the Shijo station, from the APA Hotel, you walk towards the river to that same station. It will be three stops on the trains running north towards Demachiyanagi. This is also where you will get off. You will then leave the station and walk on Imadegawa towards Kyoto University, that is Hyakumanben, this is what you will see on the map above in the upper left corner.

Meeting place Thursday and Friday (May 18+19)

The Council meeting will be held at the Kyoto City International Community House, room 3, the meeting will start at 10 am.

It is easiest to get there by walking up to the Sanjo Station on the Tozai Subway line and get off at Keage.