The New Face of Bonfá (RCA LSP-4376)

Recorded at Rio de Janeiro on March 15 & 16 and at New York on April 1, 2, & 10, 1970. Bonfá's guitar can be heard in all tunes: On "Salvador" Bonfá plays the electric guitar, and on the other tunes the electric guitar is played by Nelson Angelo. The three tunes, "Africana", "Savanarole", and "Peixe Bom", were recorded in Rio de Janeiro. Other three tunes, "Salvador", "Medieval", and "Helicopter 274", were first recorded in Rio de Janeiro then added the orchestra by Marty Manning in New York. The rest five tunes, "Window Girl", "For a Distant Love", "Macumba", "Man Alone", and "Sofisticada", were recorded in New York.

Rio Personnel: Luiz Bonfá (guitar, vocal), Novelli (bass), Gegê (drums), Milton Banana (drums), Naná Vasconcellos (percussion), Maria Toledo (vocal), and Nelson Angelo (guitar).

NY Personnel: Luiz Bonfá (guitar), Ron Carter (bass), Dom Um Romão (drums, percussion), Ray Barretto (congas), Bobby Rosengarden (percussion), Gene Bertoncini (guitar), Maria Toledo (vocal), Barbara Massay (vocal), Marilyn Jackson (vocal), Linda November (vocal), Stella Stevens (vocal), Phil Bodner (flute), George Marge (flute), Romeo Penque (flute), Marvin Stamm (flugelhorn), Alan Rubin (flugelhorn), Harry Lookofsky (violin), Harry Cykman (violin), Max Ellen (violin), Paul Gershman (violin), Felix Giglio (violin), Joseph Harber (violin), Harold Kohon (violin), David Nadien (violin), Max Polikoff (violin), Elliot Rosoff (violin), Matthew Raimondi (violin), Tosha Samaroff (violin), Alfred Brown (viola), Harold Coletta (viola), Richard Dickler (viola), Archie Levin (viola), Theodore Israel (viola), Emanuel Vardi (viola), Seymor Barab (cello), Charles McCracken (cello), George Ricci (cello), Alan Shulman (cello), Anthony Sophos (cello), Alvin Brehm (arco bass), Homer Mensch (arco bass), and Marty Manning (arrange).

All tunes in this album can be heard in UK 2-in-1 CD "Introspection / The New Face of Bonfá" (FiveFour 30),