JAZZ SAMBA ENCORE! (Verve V6-8523)

Recorded in February 8, 9, and 27, 1963 with Stan Getz. Bonfá's guitar can be heard in all tunes: Personnel: Stan Getz (tenor sax), Luiz Bonfá (guitar), Antonio Carlos Jobim (guitar, piano), George Duvivier (bass), Tommy Williams (bass), Don Payne (bass), Paulo Ferreira (drums), Jose Carlos (drums), Dave Bailey (drums), and Maria Toledo (vocal).

"JAZZ SAMBA ENCORE!" (Verve V-8523) is the monaural version of this album, "JAZZ SAMBA ENCORE!" (Verve Select 2317 008) is UK version of this album, and "JAZZ SAMBA ENCORE!" (CTI PDCTI 1125-2) is US reissue CD of this album. Four tunes, "SAMBALERO", "INSENSATEZ", "SAMBA DE DUAS NOTAS" and "MENINA FLOR", can be heard in the Mexican compilation album "lo mejor de LUIZ BONFA" (Verve 2304 018). Three tunes, "SO DANCO SAMBA", "INSENSATEZ", and "MENINA FLOR", can be heard in the US compilation CD "JAZZ MASTERS 53 - BOSSA NOVA" (Verve 314 529 904-2). Five tunes, "SAMBALERO", "INSENSATEZ", "MENINA FLOR", "MANIA DE MARIA", and "SAUDADE VEM CORRENDO", can be heard in the Brazilian compilation CD "BOSSA NOVA - SAMBALERO" (Saludos Amigos CD 62029).

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