The Shadow Of Your Smile (Verve V6-8629)

Recorded in May 25 & 27 and June 3, 1965, with Astrud Gilberto. Bonfá's guitar can be heard in: "The Shadow Of Your Smile" (Verve V-8629) is the monaural version of this album. "THE SHADOW OF YOUR SMILE" (Polydor MP 3079) is Japanese reissue of this album. "MANHA DE CARNAVAL" and "O GANSO" can be heard in the Argentine compilation album "Astrud Gilberto" (Verve 2304026). All tunes in this album can be heard in the US compilation CD "THE DREAMER" (CTI PDCTI 1119-2) and the German compilation CD "THE SILVER COLLECTION The Astrud Gilberto Album" (Verve 823 451-2).

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