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Texts associated with 支婁迦讖

支婁迦讖 zhi1 lou2 jia1 chen4

There is a total of 12 texts associated with 支婁迦讖 in this database:

Texts associated with 支婁迦讖 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T04N0204 雜譬喻經
  2. T08N0224 道行般若經
  3. T10N0280 佛說兜沙經
  4. T11N0313 阿c4-4822佛國經
  5. T12N0350 佛說遺日摩尼寶經
  6. T12N0361 佛說無量清淨平等覺經
  7. T13N0417 佛說般舟三昧經
  8. T13N0418 般舟三昧經
  9. T14N0458 文殊師利問菩薩署經
  10. T15N0624 佛說伅真陀羅所問如來三昧經
  11. T15N0626 佛說阿闍世王經
  12. T17N0807 佛說內藏百寶經

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