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Access by traditional divisions of the Tripitaka

The Buddhist Canon is traditionally divided into different parts, as expressed in the word Tripitaka, which has the meaning "Three baskets", i.e. the sutras, sastras and the vinaya.

In China, the divisions have been treated differently in different catalogues and the number has greatly expanded. The following list is a merger of the divisions of the different sources for this database. The systematic of the Taisho collection has been given the highest priority, followed by the Tripitaka Koreana, the Zokuzokyo and the Ming catalogue.

  1. 场
  2. セ絫场
  3. 璝场
  4. 猭地场
  5. 地腨场
  6. 腳縩场
  7. 疘簄场
  8. 栋场
  9. 竒栋场
  10. 盞毙场
  11. 场
  12. 睦竒阶场
  13. 蟟捐场
  14. 缝场
  15. 阶栋场
  16. 竒波场
  17. 波场
  18. 阶波场
  19. 窖﹙场
  20. 肚场
  21. ㄆ稪场
  22. 毙场
  23. ヘ魁场
  24. 尿竒波场
  25. 尿波场
  26. 尿阶波场
  27. 尿窖﹙场
  28. 眡捐场
  29. 秇场好场
  30. 亩竒场
  31. 亩场
  32. 璝场

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