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Texts associated with じ上

じ上 yuan2 xiao3

There is a total of 18 texts associated with じ上 in this database:

Texts associated with じ上 are known in the following periods/areas:

  1. T33N1697 jz弩gvn
  2. T34N1725 k仇vn
  3. T34N1730 茲TNg竣
  4. T37N1747 皋Lq購gvn
  5. T37N1759 鮖!星g襖
  6. T38N1769 Invn
  7. T38N1773 星闇Wネgvn
  8. T44N1844 _H竣襖
  9. T44N1845 j式_H竣OO
  10. T45N1907 黍堕зセデnO
  11. T45N1908 j爾傘…b
  12. T47N1965 Cみw車D
  13. T85N2757 仇Yg襖可T
  14. Z0320494 Lq購gvn
  15. Z0610495 庭_セ~g襖U 崇アW
  16. Z0750001 い嫡だO竣襖 可T
  17. Z0950215 焔柵g黍堕зセpO W
  18. Z0950741 Pゑq竣胃s[ゅ

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