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Authors (Translators, Commentators etc.) #1

This list allows access to the texts by author. The order is by number of texts attributed to this author, in descending order.

The table gives the name, Chinese reading (Pinyin) and the number of texts

Author Reading Number of texts
•s‹ó bu4 kong1 176
Ž¸æ¡ shi1 yi4 153
Ž{Œì shi1 hu4 115
Ž±–@Œì zhu2 fa3 hu4 91
Œºš÷ xuan2 zang4 74
–@Œ« fa3 xian2 74
‹`ŸÄ yi4 jing4 70
ˆÀ¢‚ an1 shi4 gao1 55
ŽxŒª zhi1 qian1 51
”µ–€—…Y jiu1 mo2 luo2 shi2 49
–@“V fa3 tian1 45
’qˆ® zhi4 xu4 37
’qc0-f3aa zhi4 yi3 36
苓ߛ¿‘½ she2 na3 jue2 duo1 35
^’ú zhen1 di4 32
–@åU fa3 zang4 29
•ì’ñ—¬Žx pu2 ti2 liu2 zhi1 29
‹“ßæë‘É—… qiu2 na3 ba2 tuo2 luo2 28
‹gåU ji2 zang4 28
–@àx fa3 ju4 27
Ž±“Ü–³—– zhu2 tan2 wu2 lan2 26
‹óŠC kong1 hai3 26
æSèf jue2 wan3 25
•ì’ñ—¬Žu pu2 ti2 liu2 zhi4 25
‹à„’q jin1 gang1 zhi4 24
‰MŠî kui1 ji1 24
“¹é dao4 xuan1 23
OæÓ hong2 zan4 21
c0-dbc8G zhu1 hong2 19
’n”kæd—… di4 po2 he1 luo2 19
“V‘§Ð tian1 xi1 zai1 18
Œ³ú yuan2 xiao3 18
‘P–³ˆØ shan4 wu2 wei4 18
—´Ž÷•ìŽF long2 shu4 pu2 sa4 18
㔖@ xu4 fa3 17
Ÿœ‹”‹žãß ju1 qu2 jing1 sheng1 16
œ{´ de2 qing1 15
›‰³“ï‘É shi2 cha1 nan2 tuo2 15
“Ve•ìŽF tian1 qin1 pu2 sa4 15
’X‘R zhan4 ran2 15
Ÿó’¸ guan4 ding3 14
¢e•ìŽF shi4 qin1 pu2 sa4 14
ˆÀ‘R an1 ran2 14
eêa qin1 luan2 13
@–§ zong1 mi4 13
ŸæV cheng2 guan1 13
Ž±˜Å”O zhu2 fo2 nian4 12
è˗s ling2 yao4 12
’qš¢ zhi4 yuan2 12
Œ³Æ yuan2 zhao4 12
áؓܔʎᗬŽx qu2 tan2 ban1 zang4 liu2 zhi1 12
’mâX zhi1 li3 12
‘m‰¾”k—… seng1 jia1 po2 luo2 12
Œd‰“ hui4 yuan3 12
Žx˜K‰Þæ© zhi1 lou2 jia1 chen4 12
š¢’¿ yuan2 zhen1 12
ÅŸ zui4 cheng2 12
š¢m yuan2 ren2 11
’Ê— tong1 li3 11
“ú˜@ ri4 lian2 11
–³’˜•ìŽF wu2 zhuo2 pu2 sa4 11
ˆês yi1 xing2 11
–@Œì fa3 hu4 11
“ߘA’ñ–ëäq na3 lian2 ti2 ye1 she4 11
“Ü–³æ© tan2 wu2 chen4 11
‹“ßæ떀 qiu2 na3 ba2 mo2 11
…Ž® zun1 shi4 10
‰„šæ yan2 shou4 10
œdÛ´ peng2 ji4 qing1 10
’qŽü zhi4 zhou1 10
—Šàï lai4 yu2 10
àZù ji4 xian1 10
’¿ŠC zhen1 hai3 9
›ŽvˆÒ bao3 si1 wei2 9
¹Œ˜ sheng4 jian1 9
”ÊŽá ban1 zang4 9
’qšŽ zhi4 yan2 9
™B“• chuan2 deng1 9
Ž˜ŽÒ zhe3 zhe3 9
Œ³Œ« yuan2 xian2 9
ŒdÀ hui4 zhao3 9
”n–•ìŽF ma3 ming2 pu2 sa4 9
ŸÄŒ¹ jing4 yuan2 9
@ú zong1 xiao3 8
‘PŒŽ shan4 yue4 8
˜Å‘Éæë‘É—… fo2 tuo2 ba2 tuo2 luo2 8
–@èû fa3 xian3 8
“¹‹³èûˆÓ dao4 jiao4 xian3 yi4 8
Ü› gao3 bao3 8
‹Ã‘R ning2 ran2 8
Œ¹M yuan2 xin4 7
’åŒc zhen1 lao3 7
暋ó zheng4 kong1 7
—G‰õ you4 kuai4 7
ŽçæSe‰¤ shou3 jue2 qin1 wang2 7
æS’´ jue2 chao1 7
“úâi ri4 cheng1 7
’ñ‰_”ÊŽá ti2 yun2 ban1 zang4 7
˜Å‘ɐ fo2 tuo2 shan4 duo1 7
–¾c0-ac52 ming2 yu4 7
œn‹` cong2 yi4 7

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